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Too much of a meta-analyst’s time is spent on mundane activities, meaning that between you and a publication is a mountain of administration that primarily tests your patience. HubMeta tries to make that mountain into a molehill.

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Create pulldown menus with your variables, constructs, moderators, and measures. Update anytime as needed


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Say goodbye to exhausting and error-field data entry as our OCR system pulls in full correlation matrices directly into your project


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Transcription and analysis errors are eliminated with built-in analysis allowing you to export the results in publication ready format

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Whether you are using Endnote or Mendeley, upload all your articles automatically into HubMeta.



Filter Papers

A developing feature is filter your papers on the website and automatically generate a PRISMA diagram. Control for duplicates and record your decisions.


Article Coding

Create taxonomies, menu pulldowns and use our library or OCR feature for scanning entire correlation tables. Experience a tenfold increase in coding speed.



Integrated Analysis

Eliminate typos and analysis errors with built-in meta-analysis. Create full correlation matrices, export them, and use them in R or Stata in seconds.

David B Wilson
Professor at George Mason University

This is a great tool for meta-analyses of correlations. The tool allows you to code all available correlations from studies but importantly ensures independence among correlations that are contributing to any given meta-analytic aggregation.

John Kammeyer-Mueller
Professor at University of Minnesota

After looking on briefly at HubMeta, I imagined how many hours of coding and sorting data could have been saved on my last project. I am certain that my future meta-analyses will be taking advantage of this truly groundbreaking tool.

Ernest O'Boyle
Associate Professor at Indiana University

A remarkably user-friendly and interactive platform that will improve coding accuracy, data transparency, and methodological and analytic rigor. A game changer for meta-analysts!

In-Sue Oh
Professor at Temple University

HubMeta so far seems to be a very smart and efficient way to conduct a psychometric meta-analysis, with excellent construct and moderator features. I plan on registering and actually using this tool for my next meta-analyses.

Zhanna Lyubykh
Researcher, PhD Student at University of calgary

I’ve used HubMeta for nine months now and it is definitely user friendly, flexible, fast, easy and significantly reduces errors. With a responsive support team that is constantly making improvements, you’ll find it even better. I wouldn’t do a meta-analysis without it!

Shaun Parkinson
Washington State University

Having a system to organize our team’s collaboration on a meta-analysis is amazing. HubMeta is especially helpful in organizing constructs so that you can better understand the implications of your analysis. It will help us do better and more consistent meta-analysis.

Jeremy Mackey
Associate Professor at Auburn University

HubMeta has the potential to fundamentally improve the quality of meta-analyses and the speed at which they are produced. Additionally, it has the ability to enhance the transparency and replicability of meta-analytic findings. The expansion of HubMeta’s user base and data base over time likely will create fantastic opportunities for collaboration. HubMeta could even facilitate collaboration on massive meta-analytic projects that were once thought unmanageable. Thus, HubMeta could become an important tool for advancing science and generating robust evidence-based recommendations for practice.


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